This higher and possibly the most challenging level of colour education is designed to inspire you the power of colour change to perfect your skills and implement the knowledge you have gathered and prepare you for performing expert colour services in an advanced salon environment

every key in Colour Language will be passed on to you with in-depth explanation of how, why, when to improve your coloring experience and unlock your creativity.

This training is unique in content and follows extremely realistic coloring cases and offer master solutions and application depending on what is to be achieved.

Who Is This Training For?

Ideal for anyone wishing to develop their technical skills in hair-colouring.

Colorists looking to build hair colouring skills.

Recently qualified apprentices needing to master colour expertise.

what are the benefits ?

learners to acquire skills about:

Colour Language is ideal for hair colorists working in a salon and willing to develop their knowledge around the advance aspects of blending, harmonizing & contrasting hair colours.

Recently qualified apprentices needing to master colour expertise

why colour Language training ?

Color Language offer superior technical practicing opportunity which is in fact the core of learning with unlimited personal guidance to learners at all stages of their learning in a professional salon atmosphere of experts

While serious work towards achieving results, students will never feel ignored it is the passion we carry for hairdressing that keeps on pushing us to maximize our team skills and in the colour skills training the students are our team.


Hair Creators Academy students also have the opportunity to become employed in one of our partner’s Hair Salons across UAE, because we’re passionate about educating our trainees to the highest levels, and that’s one of our extraordinary points of difference.

We don’t just train people with a cookie cutter approach… we want the best from them, and for them! And whilst we like to train our own salon professionals through their apprenticeships, we’re also in demand and recommended by independent hairdressing salons across the meddle east to train their apprentices, because our training systems have the reputation for being of such a high standard.

Our accomplished Educators have won multiple accolades for their hair cutting and styling around the world, and several of them are regularly invited to be presenters and judges for the likes of the Internationally-renowned Hair Trend Shows.

We’re proud of our team and our collective achievements that have included being named Salon of the Year (in 2016), and we currently have three of our Educators.

This comes after having our Head Educator, Salah Masri, win International Gold at these awards (in Monte Carlo) in 2014.

As one of our students, the possibilities are endless, and we also offer annual awards and prizes for our best trainees, including a six-week experience with.